Here at Déménagement rive-sud GUSTAVE  moving and storage , we offer a great level of service to all of our customers, whether they simply want there belongings  moved, or put into our storage pending being moved subsequently. Moving is an important, if not always a stressing event that most people get to experience at some point in their lives. The potential for problems when moving can increase the greater the amount of things that have to be moved the greater the risks of things going wrong. Yet people that move everything by themselves, or use temporary and substandard storage spaces could be a big plan for disaster.


However that is precisely why people hire professional moving companies like ours, to avoid disaster, and prevent stress when there is no need for it. Déménagement rive-sud GUSTAVE  moving and storage  will give you a stress free move, and we will offer storage or entrepotage for items on request from customers. We act as both a mover, or a storage provider depending on customers needs. We will always offer flexible and affordable options for our customers to serve their precise needs. We do what they needs us  to do, rather than us telling them what to do. For some of our customers that is a refreshingly new way of been treated.


A storage building was added to the rest of our business premises to ensure that we could do this whenever we have to do so. Our building is exactly what many of our customers have needed. We make sure that it remains in the best condition to store the many varied objects people hire us to store, and to move. This storage building has allowed us to offer our customers a much improved range of moving and storing options to fit their requirements.


Before we start any job we always take the time to clarify with our clients exactly there needs.

Normally for most moving jobs that we do day to day have been relatively straightforward to move and not always resorting to storage/entrepotage. On the simple jobs we tend to move things from one place to the next place within the same day. Yet, we have gotting use to things not beening always so straightforward, and working out the best options to take for our clients.


Sometimes it is more complex than moving everything in a single day, which is why we now offer a storage facility to our customers so their property is safe while we wait for when the moving process can be completed. In any event our storage building is large enough for people to store items until needed.


Moving can be, and could be very complicated, and the people that are able to have every single item or things moved in one go, and on the same day may not realize just how lucky they are. Such one day moves may be the least stressful option for our customers, yet for it to work out like that it can take a lot of organizing things expertly on our part. Our staff have enough experience, general know how, and skills between them to handle any task they find themselves faced with. If our customers think there could be a problem with anything they require us to do they only need to let us know about it, and we will sort things out for them.


On other occasions customers may opt for us to store fragile or highly valuable items for them, to keep these things separate from all the other items that had to be moved. Our safe storage is exactly what they need to use until they are in a position to have their valuable or fragile items back with them. Whatever the size of such items we are able to store them for as long as we have to do so without any hitches or problems. Then our customers get their items back in exactly the condition as when we put these things into storage for them. Our storage building is laid out in such a way to keep every item safe, secure, and in one piece for the duration of the time it is stored with us.


Sometimes due to the fast nature, which people sometimes have to vacate their former homes and work places so that new occupiers prior to their new premises being available their items need to be put into storage. They can feel reassured that using our storage building will provide them with an ideal solution to their storage needs, whether or not those needs were expected, or not. We are a company that can readily handle any sudden changes in what customers need us to do for them. If things need to be stored for longer than expected then that can be arranged too, with the final bill altered to take the extra time into account. This should not prove too expensive as our rates for storage are affordable and competative.

People generally prefer proper storage units such as the ones that we use as they can be confident that all items are looked after properly. Whereas if people store items in unsuitable places they may save on paying storage costs yet those savings could be wasted if their items get broken or severely damaged in the process of been moved around. We are professional movers so are always careful with every item that we have to move in transit, and equally as careful when we store things. Our staff are well-versed in the best techniques for moving larger items such as furniture. Yet they can be equally adept at keeping smaller and infinitely more fragile things like glassware and china completely intact as well.


Due to having our own excellent storage facilities and large capacity we can offer this storage we do offer it to our customers who are not able to move into their next premises just yet. We offer this storage option so that our customers can pay for the moving and the storing of their items in a single bill. This arrangement arguably makes a great deal of sense for our customers as they have one provider for both services. We can also be adaptable concerning how long we hold things in storage for them, which can be useful when property moves have been delayed, and nobody knows how long such delays will continue for. When things are up in the air waiting to be finalized it is better to have as few companies to deal with as possible. 


Due to some of our customers having many items to store we have large facilities available for them to use until they can complete their move in full, or come to collect those things from us. Our storage is secure as people pay it to keep their things in without any kind of mishap. Our high levels of security means that we can, and do store fragile and valuable items for our customers, as well as bulky ones. Furthermore our security is checked upon a regular basis to make sure nothing can be taken. We also have all the alarm systems and CCTV cameras in place, which you would expect from us in the safeguarding of our customers' property. Whenever we are moving, storing, or returning items for our customers we are meticulous in ensuring that absolutely everything is done as it should be done. We pay full attention to every single detail as it can make all the difference between looking after we have been paid to take care and something getting broken, or delivered to the wrong address.


We move and store things safely, and you can take that as our money back guarantee. The need to store things for our customers was the reason we had our storage capacity expanded in the first place. It has benefited our customers greatly ever since. We have pride in the quality of the moving and the storage services, which we offer all of our customers. We will not let our standards slip as that will let our customers down.

Our reputation gets us a great deal of custom so we are always determined to protect it and may be enhance it further . We do that by ensuring that everything we do for each and every single customer is to the highest possible standards we manage to deliver time after time. People come to us because we are noted as being both reliable as movers, and for our storage/entrepotage services. Plus if people were not content with our services they could have easily gone to one of our rivals instead, yet they do not do so. That is because we satisfy their requirements, and give them all of the service, which they need from us.


Over all then our storage building has allowed us to provide a better service to all of our customers over the years who have needed items to be stored. We offer great moving and great storage services to all of our customers whenever they need to have things moved or stored. For a company of professional movers it certainly made a great deal of sense to have a storage building. This is because the storage service gives our customers another reason to pick us instead of any of our rival moving or storage companies. Our excellent levels of customer service and the high quality services we offer keep us ahead of our competition too.


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