Déménagement Rive-Sud (GUSTAVE)

As stressful as it may be, a well-prepared move can save you a lot of hassle. We all have at one time or another cope. Here are some tips to plan your next move.


3 months before the moving date:

You have to make your change of address (banks, hydro, telephone, internet, cable, federal and provincial government, school, employer ...) purchase of packaging materials (wrapping paper, box, tape, permanent marker) more stores can provide you with free boxes


It is also the time to call if you rent a truck or doing business with a moving company. Call ahead you can take advantage of discounts. We have several contacts, call us for more information.


Take action if possible your future home to ensure that your furniture will enter it.


Only a few days before the move!


You have already packed most of your things and your house looks like a warehouse ... otherwise you have to put it! Do not forget to identify the contents of each box to move and register what room they will go. Group your items by theme piece by piece.

EX: in the kitchen all electrical objects together, your pots, your plastic dishes your spices ... it will be quicker and easier to put everything in the new house! If the box contains fragile things register the wholesale marker to prevent breakage. Avoid using too large heavy boxes that may rip during the move ... .all pick and repack will do that waste time and when moving time = money.

Keep your belongings hygiene, medications you need and linen for 24 separate boxes that you can easily find in your new home. Do not forget to place your moving boxes lighter above those heavier and group them in order to maximize the space you'll need to move large furniture.


Moving day has arrived!


Enjoy your precautions taken well identifying your boxes when packing ... This will help greatly to the work of the movers and the person will empty your boxes. Once emptied boxes we can get rid of it if needed. It is time to reconnect your major appliances and check the status of your property. Make sure that all the services are connected (electricity, cable, internet, gas ...). You change your province or country be sure to change your registrations as required.


New neighborhood to discover:

Local newspapers will you learn a little more about the services available near you. Find schools, local health care providers of services you and your family would need. Make yourself a list of emergency numbers if necessary.


To make your move a positive experience please contact us, we will be happy to accompany you in this new stage of your life. We are a team of experienced movers offering prompt, courteous, affordable and professional for over 30 years.


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