Déménagement Rive-Sud (GUSTAVE)

Establish a priority list


After selecting the moving company, we have to find a relocation strategy. A list of priorities can make or break the next move. Based on the experience of thousands of relocations and families, these lists help to avoid problems, plan ahead and avoid the pitfalls that can be avoided. One of the best lists is free on the following website: http://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/organizing/moving/moving-checklist.


Start two months ahead of time can help get rid of accumulated objects that are no longer used. It is foolish to waste time, money, space and energy to try to pack and move the furniture, toys, clothing and other detritus that the family no longer uses.


In the coming months, we can then confirm the movers and start packing. These lists will help to remember to send medical records to the new doctor, and complete change of address forms. When approaching the date of removal, it is easy to forget details such as defrosting the freezer, preventive maintenance of the vehicle and cancel services. Having this priority list in hand, we can confidently move forward with the preparations.


While packing


After deciding to get rid of objects, there still remains a mountain of goods that we, our spouse and child (ren) will want to bring to the new home. Now is the dreaded packing begins. Properly pack all the goods in the boxes will save space and will be easier to unpack the new location and will save time and money. Déménagement Rive-Sud (GUSTAVE) will offer guidance step by step to use to pack clothes, furniture, dishes and antiques efficiently and safely. They sell the latest types of protective boxes and containers and notify product that meets the needs. If the task of packing the object is too large, it is possible to hire their packers qualified professionals.


Many have already used this service to pack valuables, glassware and other delicate items. They have the experience and ability to do the job properly and in a fraction of the time it would take a person who is a neophyte in packaging. If time is short and we can not take care of the packaging, these professionals can do everything, including clothing, bicycles, dishes, computers, furniture and everything else.


The move is always a great time of stress. Using a conscious movers, local, family run, organizing with lists of priorities and following the right steps to wrap objects, and using the appropriate packaging materials the task will be much easier.

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